Meet the Staff

Jennifer, Director Of Operations


Jennifer has been administrating the business of Huckabee Dental since February 2007. She loves Huckabee Dental so much that she drives from Mansfield every day to be here. Jennifer has been in the dental industry since she was 16 when she started her very first job as a part-time sterilization tech. 20-something years later, her advanced knowledge in every aspect of the dental office enables her to provide guidance and training in all facets of our practice. She has worked diligently to create an atmosphere of teamwork and respect, making Huckabee Dental an awesome place to work. And she didn’t write this, either. On the negative side, Jennifer can mess up a perio chart faster than you can blink, so the hygienists have learned the hard way to avoid her help at all costs.

She and her husband, Trent, recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. Together they have three gorgeous girls, Micah, Salem, and Chloe, and two dobermans, Husker and Big Red. Want to guess which college team they cheer for? Jennifer is currently working, ever so slowly, toward a degree in accounting and will hopefully be graduating sometime within the next 10 years or so. Her motto is “better late than never.”

Lisa, Financial Coordinator


The year 2000 brought Lisa to our practice and things have never been the same since! Lisa’s smile lights up a room, but don’t let that fool you. She’ll fight when she has to, especially for your insurance benefits! Lisa knows just about every patient by name, and most of our patients look for her smiling face whenever they come in for appointments. Lisa still loves using her vast knowledge of dentistry to assist patients. If you don’t know the answer, Lisa will go above and beyond to get it for you. She is always ready and willing to help and is an invaluable asset to our office.

Lisa recently found fame, if you call the ability to be Googled fame, when her wedding ceremony (and the big kiss) was recorded and featured during a local 11/11/11 news broadcast. When she isn’t signing autographs, she enjoys singing in her church choir, spending time with her godchild, London Ray, and learning the latest dance moves from her daughters, Jae and Jasmine (ask her to do “Pop, Lock and Drop” the next time you see her!)


Shelby, Business Manager


Shelby joined us in October 2011. She grew up in the Big Sky state of Montana and attended Southwestern State University in Oregon on a volleyball scholarship. She moved to Keller, TX, in 2001 and soon after began her career in dentistry. With ten years of experience in both the business and clinical setting, Shelby has a knack for explaining treatment with an uncomplicated, Shelby-esque flair that puts patients at ease and makes them smile.

Shelby has a son named Cooper and a great dane named Emma. She eats, breathes, and sleeps all things football, loves playing and watching sports, and is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys and the Oregon Ducks. Although she spent this past Thanksgiving at a local Whataburger, she swears she loves to travel, especially to the Midwest to see her family.


Regina, Marketing Coordinator


Regina will warmly greet you when you come to our office. She joined us as our receptionist in September of 2011. Born and raised in Texas, she graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Advertising. She spent the first ten years after graduation with a career in the advertising industry. Life then moved her to Tennessee where she worked for a large dermatology practice in Nashville, then to Florida where she worked for a facial plastic surgeon, then back to Texas where we snatched her up to teach her all about dentistry.

All told, Regina brings with her over 20 years of customer service experience. She has been such a welcome addition to our business office. When she isn’t brightening up our office, she enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her Shih Tzu, Chloe. She loves tropical beach vacations, snow skiing, Las Vegas, and is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.


Alisha, Recall Manager


Alisha joined our Patient Services team in January 2013. Alisha epitomizes the expression, “Calm, cool, and collected” and is more often than not the soothing voice that answers when you call our office. She graduated from UT Arlington in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science degree and is currently working toward a Masters in Education at the University of North Texas.

Alisha married her husband, Greg, in 2011, and together they have one fur-baby: a pug named Bo. Alisha loves watching Texas Rangers baseball and Dallas Stars hockey and states that sports enable her to channel her aggressive alter ego. As if working full time, obtaining a Masters degree, and getting all diva at sporting events aren’t enough, she finds time to work in her yard and maintains a garden for home-grown veggies. Alisha also enjoys outdoor activities and loves camping and hiking.


Michelle, Treatment Coordinator


Michelle was welcomed as an addition to our business office in January 2014. Currently, we are taking advantage of her irresistible voice and charismatic personality to hypnotize the grumpy dental insurance reps over the phone. She has settled in well and is making a flawless transition into dentistry from the mortgage field, which she had worked in for 15 years. Michelle grew up in Texas but spent 13 years in Colorado after she graduated high school. She moved back to Texas in 2008 and brought with her a love for skiing, the Rocky Mountains, and Colorado Rockies baseball.

Michelle attends Gateway Church. She spends her free time with her boyfriend, watching Central High School and Dallas Patriots baseball, cooking, going to the movies, and eating out with friends and family. Sadly, she doesn’t have pets, cool dance moves, or the singing voice of 10,000 angels. However, Michelle professes a love for desserts and all things sweet. She says, “I don’t have just a sweet tooth. ALL of my teeth are sweet!” That’s okay, Michelle, we got your teeth covered.


Angie, Treatment Coordinator


Angie is a local gal and graduated from Fossil Ridge High School in 2009, after which she attended dental assisting school. She is extremely directionally challenged and it took her awhile to find us. When she finally found her way out of her driveway, she came to our Patient Services Center in March 2013 and made an immediate positive impact in the office. Angie is usually the person mailing postcards or incessantly calling you with friendly reminders that you are due for your checkup! She juggles the schedules for seven hygienists with near perfection and works hard to assist our patients in keeping their appointments, so go easy on her when she calls or emails you 5 times in a row to confirm your appointment.

Angie loves anything outdoors. She loves Texas Rangers baseball and TCU Hornfrog football. She is the oldest of three sisters and is the mother to a beautiful three-year-old daughter. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. Her second favorite thing to do is morph into our own little office comedian and quote lines from Every. Single. Movie. Known. To Man.


Beverly, RDH, Hygiene Co-Manager

Beverly, who is our most tenured employee, has been with Huckabee Dental since 1997. She has developed a strong and lasting relationship with so many of our patients. Her professionalism and passion for patient care exemplify what Huckabee Dental is all about. Beverly attended the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and received her Associates in Dental Hygiene in 1984 from Wharton College.

Bev and her husband, Jeff, have been long time members of Irving Bible Church and they just celebrated 25 years of marriage. Together they have a 25 pound baby: a main coon cat named Russo. They are also Godparents to 8 human children. Bev loves working out and watching and cheering on the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys. She loves to travel, especially to Italy where she can practice her Italian! She and her husband also enjoy Sante Fe, NM, and wine in the Fredericksburg Hill Country.


Jennifer, RDH, Hygienist

Jennifer has been our resident “hygienist with the big blonde hair” since 1998. Jennifer has the ability to make everyone with whom she comes in contact feel like a long lost friend, even when they are meeting her for the very first time. Patients adore her infectious personality…and when we say adore, we mean ADORE. She’s bubbly and energetic (even at 5 o’clock in the morning), and when she laughs in the office, everyone knows it.

Jennifer graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Midwestern in 1995 and prides herself on building trusting relationships with our patients. She and her husband, Darron, have two beautiful daughters, Lauren and Makenna. They live in Grapevine and are very active in their church. In her spare time, she enjoys scrapbooking and exercising. Wait, what? People really enjoy exercising?


Amanda, RDH, Hygienist

Amanda came in October 2005, making the dynamic hygiene duo a trio. We don’t know how she does it, but she is happy all the time, which makes everyone around her happy, which is why we (and our patients) love her so much. Sometimes, you will hear Amanda singing brushing songs to the kiddos in the office. If you are really lucky, you might even have the opportunity to hear her rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody” which, believe us, will be hard to get out of your head once you hear it.

Amanda has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from Texas A&M Commerce and graduated with a degree in Dental Hygiene from Tarrant County College in 2000. Amanda and her husband, Lanny, have two children, Hannah and Landon, who, according to Amanda, are “the cutest darn kids you’ll ever seen.” Amanda recently transformed her treatment room into a tranquil retreat where the lucky few can have the opportunity to see just how ridiculously cute her entire family is.



Kimbra, RDH, Hygienist Co-Manager


Kimbra, the sister-in-law to hygienist Jennifer, the sister to Jen’s husband, Darron, and the aunt to Jen’s daughters, Lauren and Makenna, became a part of our hygiene team in 2007. And yes, there will be a test.

Before attending hygiene school, Kimbra worked as an assistant here and loved it so much she had to come back after she graduated. Kimbra is originally from Oklahoma. We don’t hold that against her although she is easily recognized in the office as the girl with the hick accent. Kimbra graduated from Midwestern University with a Bachelors in Dental Hygiene. She and her longtime boyfriend, Jacob, were recently married and are busy renovating their newly purchased home sweet home. Now she’s the girl with the hick accent and the “big ol’ shiny diamond rang!”


Debbie, RDH, Dental Hygienist


Debbie has been with us since August 2011 and has almost a decade of experience as a dental hygienist. She was born in Sweetwater, TX, and graduated with a BS in Dental Hygiene from Texas Woman’s University, where she was on the Dean’s List three years running despite the fact that she was born in a town also known as the “Home of the Rattlesnake Roundup.”

When she isn’t making teeth shine and patients laugh, she enjoys being a mommy to her two children. Debbie’s long list of talents includes a special knack for losing fingernails and toenails, not purposefully, of course. She also has a chocolate lab named Duke. Secretly, Duke aspires to be Marley from the book/movie, “Marley and Me,” and works hard every day to prove it. Recently, he ate their barbecue grill.


Stephanie, RDA, Clinical Manager


We are pleased to introduce Stephanie to you. Stephanie has been an assistant since 2007 and joined our team as Lead Assistant in December 2013. Prior to joining us she was a Dental Assisting Instructor at North Central Texas College. Stephanie has been fortunate to work in several aspects of dentistry and in doing so has gained a wide array of knowledge along the way. She is our very own air traffic controller and is doing a fantastic job keeping our dentists pointed in the right direction.

Currently, Stephanie lives in Sundance Square with her boyfriend and her dog, Bella. She spends her free time in downtown Fort Worth (obviously) and trying out new restaurants. Stephanie is also a Groupon fanatic and enjoys new adventures at discounted rates.


Micah, RDA, Dental Assistant

Micah is the baby of the bunch but has been with Huckabee Dental since 2010. She began working part-time, learning everything she could about the sterilization and lab process, and has worked her way up to being an experienced, registered assistant. She works with all the doctors here but has an affinity for surgery and loves assisting during surgery cases. Micah’s short term goal is to obtain her IV certification as well as becoming a Certified Phlebotomist so that she can further benefit the practice during sedation cases.

Micah graduated from Mansfield High School and attended Texas Wesleyan University on a softball scholarship. After deciding she no longer wanted to play softball, she came on board as a full-time clinical assistant. Although she changes her career goals weekly and has had aspirations of becoming a kindergarten teacher, a hygienist, a doctor, an oral surgeon, and a veterinarian, for now, she is quite content being a part of the amazing team we have here at the office.


Courtney, RDA, Dental Assistant


July 2013, Courtney joined our staff. We will never be the same. Courtney is about the easiest going, good-natured person you will ever be around. And she maintains this personality while constantly operating at warp speed. She is, however, quite a difficult safe to crack when it comes to gathering intel in order to write a witty bio. When asked about her hobbies, she stated, “I’m not very interesting.” When asked about pets, she stated, “Eek! NO!” When asked about submitting something fun about herself, she stated, “I’m horrible at writing about myself.”

So, here we are. These are the facts we know about Courtney to date: 1. She graduated from Sanger High School but was raised in Keller, 2. She has a four year old boy named Hayden. That is all.


Jordan, RDA, Dental Assistant


Jordan was born and raised in Burleson, TX. She obtained a BS in Biology from DBU and shortly after graduated from Dental Assisting school in 2013. Jordan was originally hired as our Sterilization Tech in August 2013 and quickly moved into the role of Dental Assistant. There is rarely a time that you do not see Jordan in a great mood. Her smile is infectious and so is her laugh.

Jordan loves hugs, but loves her baby girl, Riley, more. She also has a fur-baby German Shepherd named Maya. In her free time, she plays slow pitch softball. She admits to spending most of her money on clothes. Recently, she took up a new hobby. She likes to call it PUI which is short for, “painting under the influence of wine”.