Root Canal Therapy

producers_sedation_rootRoot Canal Therapy (RCT) or Endodontics is the technique used to save teeth that may have a deep cavity, fracture or infection. RCT is clean, fast and gentle.

Procedure: Removing the nerves and sterilizing the canals clean the tooth. The canals are then sealed with filling material. A post and crown are placed for strength to prevent fractures in the tooth.

Risks: RCT has a high success rate. Only five percent of teeth that have had RCT eventually need t be retreated or need an extraction. The results cannot be guaranteed because the success rate depends on several situations.

  • The shape of the canals can be so twisted or the canals can be so blocked with calcium that dentistry cannot adequately clean and seal the canals. Unsealed canal space can allow for bacterial infection.
  • The tiny dental instruments used to clean the canals could possibly break off in the canal, preventing a proper seal.
  • Tiny cracks may have previously existed in the tooth. These are often invisible to the naked eye and to x-rays and over time can become infected with bacteria.
  • If there are any complications, a specialist can be consulted to discuss treatment options.

Your comfort is our top priority. Your condition after RCT varies depending on the location, severity and duration of the problem. If you have discomfort to biting/chewing after treatment lasting longer than three days, call us at 817-756-8767. Occasionally, the surrounding soft tissue may become sore and a simple adjustment to your bite brings fast relief.