Tooth Colored Filling

producers_implants_fillingComposite fillings are a hybrid material of porcelain and plastic that look good and last for a long time. Composite fillings are used to restore teeth that have been decayed and/or broken. Composite fillings can also be used for cosmetic bonding.

    Please be aware of the following:

  • Tenderness to biting is common for two to three days after filling(s) placement. If tenderness continues for longer than three days, call us for a simple adjustment of your bite. Your new filling(s) may be interfering with your natural bite.
  • Mild hot and cold sensitivity is normal for the first week after filling(s) placement. The size and location of the filling(s) influence how the teeth react. If discomfort persists, call us.
  • If you had a filling placed that was very deep and you are having continued sensitivity and pain, root canal therapy may be needed. The doctor will inform you of this possibility.
  • A tooth with a filling is not as strong as the original tooth. Avoid chewing hard candies and ice on the fillings. Flossing between your teeth and brushing regularly is the best thing YOU can do to prevent cavities under your new fillings.
  • Regular six-month dental check ups are the key to detecting problems early. Professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar, which are bacteria that cause cavities. X-rays let the dentist look between your teeth where most problems occur. Your dental hygienist will coach you on how to prevent problems.